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Taking Care Of Your Jewelry

Taking care of your jewelry

In order for your jewelry to look its best, we recommend that you:
- Remove any rings before moving / lifting heavy objects that may damage the rings.
- Remove jewelry prior to showering, before bathing in the sea or a swimming pool, and before going to bed or engaging in any sport activity.
- Prevent jewelry from coming in contact with cleaning products, detergents, creams, perfumes and any other chemicals.


Solid 14K & 18K gold, 925 Sterling silver, diamonds
Solid gold jewelry can be cleaned in lukewarm water with some dish soap and a soft toothbrush.
If your jewelry is set with precious stones cleaning should be done gently.


  • Use of silver or gold cleaning solution is at the customer's sole responsibility. Please follow manufacturer's instructions.
  • If your jewelry is set with precious stone/diamonds cleaning solutions can damage it, so cleaning should be done gently only with lukewarm water with some dish soap and a soft toothbrush.
  • 8th floor studio is not responsible for any damage caused to jewely / precious stone due to aggressive cleaning or use of cleaning solution.